FIFINE Microphones is an audio company established in 2009. With a dedicated R&D, QC, Marketing, and experienced sound engineers, FIFINE Microphones is utilizing the advanced technology to produce the very best and user-friendly sound equipment and thrives to provide consumers the best Microphones.

What makes FIFINE outshine other brands?
It is due to our belief that quality and customers satisfaction should be at the forefront. It is our enduring commitment to improving our products and being a leader in quality standards. Whether you are a streamer, broadcaster, voiceover artist, musician, teacher, lecturer, DJ or videographer, you can count on the equipment from FIFINE.
We take responsibility for both products and customers and earn a reputation for considerate and friendly customer service. For any issues or inquiries you have, FIFINE technical support will offer in-depth troubleshoot through email, social media and phone. We guarantee you a favorable experience like no other.

ORIGIN MARKETING PVT.LTD. is the official distributor of Fifine in India. 
Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. represents FIFINE in the Indian Marketing since 2019 with the same motto of getting the best of the best FIFINE Microphones to India and changing recording and streaming industry. Within 2 Years, FIFINE Microphones along with Origin has established itself as one of the prominent brands in the Microphone Industry.
* is owned and managed by Origin Marketing Private Limited.
Together let’s embrace a better audio future provided by FIFINE