N5 - Four-Channel Line Mixer With Individual Volume Controls

Rs. 1,890 Rs. 2,890
  • 【Stereo/Mono Operation】:◆Stereo version◆:You must use the 1/4” TRS stereo audio cable male to male connectors for input and output connection (1/4" Male to Male Stereo Audio Cable (TRS Cable) is the key point).◆Mono version◆: Mixes down 4 mono signal inputs into 1 mono signal output(1/4” TS male to male connectors for input and output connection).■■TRS/TS cable is not included in package
  • 【Compact Format】-A heavy duty metal enclosure construction stereo mixer and the knobs have firm adjustment. There is a simple LED when 4 channel mixer is powered on. Its small size fits perfectly on top of your keyboard, allowing quick and convenient adjustments to monitor mix.
  • 【Simple Controls】-Audio mixer collecting the sounds from many different sources(microphones, guitars, bass and keyboards.) into one listening place for monitoring or routing. Each channel on the line mixer has an independent volume control separate input plugs and volume controls for each channel with one single output for an amplifier.
  • 【Multifunctionality for a Simplified Setup】 The line mixer is ideal for multikeyboard rigs and recording where several channels need to be mixed down to one track. It's perfect for your keyboards, small-stage setups, drum kits, or submixing before going to the main mixer. Modern design looks great on any desktop and large controls are easy to use and low-profile to avoid snagging on wires, clothes, etc.
  • 【Low-Noise 4-Channel Line Mixer】 -Mini audio mixer yields the highest sonic quality at all output levels, boasting ultra low-noise operational for outstanding audio performance. No distortion and easy to set up, perfect for mixing 4 line level signals quickly and without complications. 4-Channel mixer produces highest signal quality even at highest levels, in highest signal integrity.


Input Impedance 47KΩ
Input Type 1/4" TRS 
Max. Input Level +16dBu
Output Impedance Approx 47Ω
Output Type 1/4" TRS
Max. output Level +16dBu
Power Supply 12V/1A
Dimension  1.57"×2.36"×4.72"
Shipping Weight 0.6 kg


Four input channels for you to blend various audio sources or instrument down into one channel. You can mixing guitar, electronic drum, MP3 player, phone music together then enjoy the reverb you’ve made.


No hum hissing and audible noise added into the system, pretty transparent, fluent sound streaming, 4 channels stereo mixer give the nice and pleasure experiences when you are using.


The audio mixer 4 channel has four 1/4 TRS inputs along with an 1/4 TRS output, the channels are stereo not mono.


Four volume knobs of stereo mixer led on the front panel to adjust each input level.


1. MONO: If the audio input is mono, or if you use mono cable for connecting the devices to EITHER the input or output of the mixer, the output will be mono.

2. STEREO: You will need to use stereo cables (2 rings on the tip) to connect your devices to BOTH the input and output of the mixer, if you want to get stereo output.

3. Please add a ground loop noise isolator on the line from your device to the mixer, if there is humming buzzing noise.

Customer Reviews

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Harinder Singh

Just Perfect

Rahul Yadav
Pocket friendly

A nice pocket-friendly amplifier, would suggest it to anyone looking to purchase one

Value for Money. Highly Recommended

Using this for a karaoke system. The fact that it takes only 6.5mm was annoying and required additional cables to be purchased but otherwise I'm happy with the device. It's small and unobtrusive. We didn't need all those other effects so this was a great compromise. That said i wish it didn't have a huge adaptor. Wish they just made the device bigger and put the transformer inside

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