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Level up to content that marks a difference when you speak. FIFINE Microphone launches two new professional-level microphones for streamers, audio enthusiasts, and many other occasions. Presenting the ‘AMPLIGAME A8’ — a premium USB gaming microphone with RGB lights, and its newest Rugged Wired Handheld Microphone ‘K6’ — with an upgraded capsule featuring a cardioid dynamic microphone.

With superior controls for gain and lights, the FIFINE Ampligame A8 comes with a built-in amp and 3.5mm headphone jack so you can monitor your voice without the need for a discrete amplifier.  The FIFINE K6 can be directly plugged into an amplifier, speaker, mixer, or karaoke machine with a 1/4″ (6.35mm) mic-in jack. The K6 is ideal for broadcast and solo-singing vocals, drums, and amplified guitars.


Controllable RGB lighting — Three lighting modes with an astounding show of up to 9 different types of color outputs. The RGB control button gives you a quick and easy way to select the modes or colors to make a huge difference, especially for game scenes. The aesthetics work well in your gaming rig or LED equipment to present pleasant and pop visuals.

Intuitive Mic Control — A built-in 3.5mm headphone jack on the rear allows you to monitor your voice whether your audio is too quiet or harsh while streaming or creating YouTube videos. With this real-time feedback, one can adjust the manual gain knob instead of using hotkeys on your keyboard to adjust the mic’s volume. You can also instantly mute the mic with the one-tap Mute button.

Crystal-Clear Sound Quality — The condenser capsule brings you smooth and crystal-clear vocals with superior sensitivity that captures your voice even when you speak softly. The cardioid pickup pattern reduces most ambient disturbances, including fan or vent noises from your PC tower. Get improved sound quality and accurate chatting audio with gaming teammates in Discord or Twitch.

Added Noise Reduction — The external black metal pop filter softens plosives usually heard with B, P, T, and a lot more sounds. The compact shock mount also dampens vibrations caused by keyboard typing or even your hand touching the desktop. Such practical accessories help clean unpleasant noises from your podcasting for a more energetic sound experience.

Simple to Use — The mic is completely plug-and-play and uses the USB-C port compatible with a PC, MacBook, or a PS4/5 — easily meant for home use even if you are not a technically inclined individual. The base stand is solid and can’t be knocked over as easily. Lastly, you can adjust the thumbscrew to get a better recording position.


FIFINE K6 Features

DYNAMIC CARDIOID KARAOKE MICROPHONE – The K6 is a wired microphone for karaoke and features a cardioid pickup pattern for greater gain, while simultaneously minimizing feedback. It is best suited for live situations where noise cancellation is highly required, and ideal for presentations, weddings, conferences, churches, interviews, DJs, and solo performances on stage.

FLAT, WIDE-RANGE FREQUENCY – The microphone has a smooth and solid frequency range between 50Hz and 18KHz and has zero power requirements. The 1/4’’ microphone karaoke is well-suited for handling high sound pressure levels and is tailored for spoken words as well as various instruments, such as acoustic guitars and alike.

OPTIMAL SPEECH INTELLIGIBILITY – The FIFINE K6 mic delivers extremely low distortions for crystal clear sound output with precise reproduction of speech and vocals with excellent intelligibility. The dynamic microphone is suitable for recreational activities, such as singing, karaoke, home party, and performance, in both indoor and outdoor environments.

XLR TO 1/4” CABLE INCLUDED – The wired microphone can be directly plugged into an audio mixer, amplifier, amplispeaker, or karaoke machine with support for a 1/4” (6.35mm) mic-in jack. The K6 has a 14.8ft-long cable protected by a two-tire PVC coating/sleeve which is thick enough for brilliant, transparent sound transmission with zero signal loss.

RUGGED & RELIABLE METAL CONSTRUCTION – The K6 is extremely robust and very simple to operate with a suitable size and shape for your hands. The upgraded mic capsule with the built-in pop filter protects against plosives, while the external on/off switch makes it easy to control the audio.

The two new FIFINE microphones are also perfect gifts for streamers, musicians, and sound artists. The FIFINE AMPLIGAME A8 USB RGB Gaming Microphone and the K6 Wired Microphone are available for an MRP INR 4,990/- and INR 1,990/- respectively. Both microphones carry a 1-year warranty period and can be purchased from,, and

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