FIFINE Microphone officially announces two new professional USB microphones — AMPLITANK K688 and AMPLIGAME AM8, designed to deliver exceptional studio-grade sound quality. These professional-grade USB microphones cater to both work and leisure purposes, providing an immersive experience. Equipped with headphone and XLR outputs, these advanced microphones are specifically designed to offer a studio-like performance, ensuring crystal clear audio quality that greatly enhances activities such as podcasting, streaming, singing, and voiceovers.


Enjoy Clear Sound Quality: This XLR dynamic microphone offers excellent durability and adaptability, making it perfect for podcasts with sound pressure levels (SPL) of up to 130dB. It ensures zero distortion in vocal, video, and music recordings, preserving the originality of the input sounds. The directional cardioid pattern effectively reduces background noise, such as PC hard drives or computer fans, providing a silent environment for recording even outside a studio room. It delivers detailed, original voice without requiring additional noise processing.

Upgrade to XLR Interface: Enhance your podcast audio experience with the XLR interface, which improves the sense of audio space and resonance in your vocals. With an S/N Ratio above 75dB, XLR eliminates circuit noise interferences, elevating the dynamics and details in your voice.

Convenient USB Connectivity: Simplify your podcasting workflow with the USB-C interface. Easily record your work directly to your desktop or laptop using the included 8.2ft USB-C cable.

Mute & Gain Controls: Enjoy the convenience of an instant tap-to-mute button, allowing you to eliminate unwanted noises, whispers, or conversations while streaming live or recording. The built-in gain knob enables you to achieve more vibrant broadcast audio without the need for additional pre-amplifiers.

Monitoring and Volume Adjustment: The microphone features a 3.5mm jack for real-time monitoring, along with a headphone volume control. This is particularly beneficial for recording professionals, as it allows them to monitor their voice output on the fly or make instant adjustments before starting a recording.


Experience Exceptional Audio Quality: The AM8 ensures natural audio clarity with a frequency response range of 50Hz-16KHz, delivering well-balanced sound with smooth mid-tones, crisp highs, and stable bass. Its cardioid microphone effectively eliminates unwanted off-axis noise, guaranteeing clean and original vocals for gaming, streaming, and video recording. 

Versatile XLR Connection: The AM8 is compatible with various studio setup equipment, such as sound cards and mixers — thanks to its XLR interface. This feature offers flexibility, allowing you to explore different applications, from singing to voiceovers. Moreover, the AM8’s well-balanced transmission effectively isolates pristine and accurate sound from ambient noise, ensuring greater anti-interference and fidelity.

Convenient USB Connectivity with Mute Button: Save time by simply plugging the AM8 into your laptop or desktop using the USB-C cable for instant recording and streaming. The handy mute button enables quick control over your studio privacy while live streaming or recording. Additionally, the LED mute reminder serves as a helpful prompt to ensure you are aware of your mute status.

Enhance the Atmosphere with RGB Lights: The mic features an RGB ring that can be illuminated in three different modes, offering over 10 light colours to match your PC gear and accessories. This creates a captivating synergy, even in dimly lit rooms. Take control of the RGB lighting using the dedicated button and enjoy customisable game colour schemes that can be saved to memory. Make your studio recordings and live video streams enjoyable for everyone.

Headphone Out with Gain Controls: The built-in headphone jack allows for real-time feedback, enhancing your recording experience. Easily monitor your voice to ensure it sounds as you expect it to for your audience. The gain knob enables precise audio level adjustments, helping to attenuate or boost the sound as needed, thus reducing post-production audio work.
The FIFINE AMPLITANK K688 Dynamic USB Microphone is available at now Mrp of Rs 8990 & AM8 at Rs 6990. It can now be purchased on and









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