Amplisound SC1 - Streaming Mixer

Rs. 3,590 Rs. 4,990
  1. XLR Microphone Input : The streaming audio mixer provides XLR microphone input connection, which is great to up your audio quality with your XLR setup. The XLR mixer is a stepping stone to upgrade your live streaming.
  2. Streamline Your Audio Control: Enhance your streaming and recording experience with precision control using a state-of-the-art volume control knob. This knob allows you to fine-tune the audio levels of four independent channels: MICROPHONE/LINE IN, HEADPHONE, Line out, and InSt. Unlike standard volume sliders, our knob provides you with unparalleled control, configurable through your PC's audio mixer.
  3. Your Ultimate Audio Recording and Monitoring Solution: SC1 Allows you to record and playback different monitor sources (your voice, an instrument) on a computer or laptop, as well as monitor audio with headphones or speakers.
  4. Advanced 48V Phantom Power Unleashed: Experience exceptional audio with our streaming audio mixer's 48V Phantom Power, suitable for both condenser and dynamic microphones at 48V. Perfect your live streams and recordings effortlessly. It opens up more choices for mics. Directly use it with your condenser microphone but do not deal with added peripherals.
  5. Control your audio with a single press: With direct monitoring feature in a single press, mute the microphone and focus on computer sound and release the button to enjoy both the audio together.
  6. Dual Recording Mode: Seamlessly switch between microphone-only and microphone-instrument recording with a single button press.
  7. LED Level Indicator: With dedicated Bulit in LED Indicator, SC1 helps you to detect and monitor your sound quality level. Green Light: Sount Quality is Normal, Yellow Light: Sound Quality is close to distortion, Red Light: Sound quality is distorted.
  8. Important Note: To ensure best experience, please use the original audio and Charging Cable. Also do not open the 48V Phantom Power on the mixer when using a dynamic microphone unless specified.

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Raghu Mehta
excellent product to use- Versaility and multipurpose product with 2 secret channels

great choice

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