H8 - Studio Monitoring Wired Headphone

Rs. 2,990 Rs. 3,990
  • [Delicate Sound] Worked with impedance of 32ohms and 20Hz~20KHz frequency range, the monitor headphones deliver clear and clean sound, which presents accurate mids, and better bass and treble. With dynamic driver, it provides reliable output sound, and allows you to better understand your own voice when recording monitoring.
  • [Equipment Availability] Coming with audio cable, the headphones expand the efficiency of your devices. 3.5mm connector conveniently meets your daily recording use and the 6.35mm connector is conducive to studio monitoring use.. Detachable cables give you a easy way to plug in the equipment you need, for a improving monitoring productivity.
  • [Comfortable Material] The headband and earmuffs contained soft padding make you work with comfortable feeling while podcast or voiceover. Weight of 265g and lightweight design, the headphones can reduce your feeling about heavy. Your ears and head still feel soft and satisfied, even when long session work.
  • [Passive Noise-Canceling] The Circumaural closed back earpads design provides decent isolation, and it blocks high-frequency noise signal in the environment. You can be more immersed in your work world. The ergonomic design right fits for your ears, thus you will not feel pressed but better master the sound.
  • [User-Friendly Design] The headphones design is suitable for your recording work. You can easily adjust the flexible headband to a fit position to prevent the headphones from loosening during podcasting. Coiled cable can be stretched up to 9.8ft (3m). You can work as you like in a wider space.

Customer Reviews

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Akshay shah
Best for gamers

Perfect headphones for gamers like me as I really love the sound quality and the overall build of the headphones. Thanks for this gem Fifine.

Great sound, probably the best under the ₹4k price range


Audio (4.5/5) - From the few hours of listening I've had so far, they're great. Flat enough. A little dip in the mids, but not a V shape at all. The sub bass is a biiiit lacking but nothing 2-3 db of increase in an equaliser won't fix.

Very accurate (for the price) without much bleeding of frequencies into each other. There's a little bit of that in the higher frequencies of sub-bass but really nothing that damages the listening experience.

There seems to be a tiny peak somewhere near the upper end of mid frequencies so female vocals sound a bit louder which might be fatiguing over time, but again, fixed with 1db reduction in the equaliser.

(I use my phone's built in equaliser btw)

Build quality (4.5/5) - Build quality is solid. The clamping force out of the box is a little strong but others say it will loosen up to a comfortable amount after a week or so of usage which I'm counting on. The earcups are a little shallower than I'd like so I'll get replacement earcups, probably the brainwavez omega.

Overall, great pair of cans for the price. Definitely recommend.

Lifehack - there's cheap aux cables with an in-line microphone available on amazon that work well enough without affecting the sound quality if you want a "headset" in a pinch.

Jacob Joseph

Good response. Good quality. Thanks for providing two chords. Looking forward for microphones also. Cardiod and Condenser for live purpose.

It's Amazing - Best for podcasting & Recording. Highly Recommended

Works like a pro. You must buy studio headphones. Thanks, Fifine for such a fantastic product. Loved it.

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